Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU)

6280 Sunny Point Road Southport, NC 28461, Comm: 910-457-8000.

Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) is Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s East Coast strategic ammunition port, and is DOD’s primary ammunition seaport supporting European, African and Middle Eastern areas of operation.

Activated in 1955, MOTSU is located on the west bank of the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Encompassing more than 16,000 acres, MOTSU is home to the 596th Transportation Brigade. The port has transferred munitions to every major armed conflict since it was established.

As a key ammunition shipping point on the Atlantic coast, MOTSU stores and ships DOD ammunition, dangerous cargo and explosives, including small arms ammunition; artillery shells, fuses and propellants; ammunition for vehicle systems; and aircraft bombs and ammunition.

Capabilities & Mission execution

MOTSU is the largest ammunition port in the nation. With a workforce of approximately 350 civilians, contractors and military personnel, the installation includes three wharfs and incorporates a network of railroad tracks to move munitions across the area. This infrastructure allows the seamless transfer of munitions between rail, trucks and ships. MOTSU enables the U.S. Army to meet its wartime ammunition throughput requirements.